Proj – Chibrofam (This project has ended)

Chibrofam Partnership
Chibrofam Partnership


NEW_EU_flag_LLP_EN-01Was an EU project motivated by a shared concern and a conclusion of the participants from different countries, concerning the children of families from broken families in vocational education and training, in terms of social, parental and professional integration.

The Main Aim …

… of the partnership activities was  to ‘Increase awareness of children from broken or vulnerable (at risk of family breakup) families in the field of vocational education and training.

The partnership activities …

… have had positive outcomes for the participating organizations including

  • Raising awareness of the impact on children in vocational education from broken and vulnerable families
  • Increasing staff knowledge and skills in working with children to develop vocational and social skills
  • Increasing educational expectations of staff, students and parents
  • Improving strategies for behavior management
  • Enhancing awareness of parental responsibility
  • Providing opportunity for cross cultural cooperation and inter-cultural diversity among the partners
  • Promoting integration of Vocational Education development, family and social life

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