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We are constantly developing new opportunities to send UK learner’s to participate in training’s and projects abroad as well as host learners on training’s, workshops and work experience opportunities here in the UK.

In the last couple of years our partners

have supported our training’s and workshops and we have hosted learners from

  • Portugal – Ananda Cooperativa Cultural, CRL
  • Greece – Kids In Action – Paidia En Drasei
  • Greece – System and G, Athens (Olympic Village)
  • Poland – Stowarzyszenie Moje Marzenia Spełniają Się MMS

    Bushcraft Training 2013
    Bushcraft Training 2013
  • Estonia – Pink Tool
  • Malta – Malta UNESCO Youth Association
  • Italy – Associazione Culturale ARCI Strauss
  • Italy – Associazione PUZZLE
  • Kosovo – Youth Centre ” Ardhmeria” Kline
  • Kosovo – Mus-e Kosova
  • Montenero – Alternative center for youth needs „AUT”
  • Albania – Walk Together
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Asocijacija Graditelji Mira
  • Sebia – Youth for Youth
  • Serbia – OSMEH-Organizacija za Solidarnost, Mobilnost, Ekologiju i Humanost mladih
  • FYROM – United Youth
  • Turkey – Tekkekoy Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu
  • Hungary – Bibliai Ismeretterjesztő Társulat Egyesület
  • Croatia – Udruga mladih PHARINA
  • Romania – Super Tineri Asyris

We have also sent learners to

Grundvig Senior Volunteers in Poland
Grundtvig senior volunteers in Poland
  • Portugal – Ananda Cooperativa Cultural, CRL
  • Spain – Nexes Interculturals de Joves per Europa
  • Hungary – Kretakor Egysulet
  • Norway – Nitin
  • Poland – Stowarzyszenie Moje Marzenia Spełniają Się MMS
  • Malta –
  • Turkey –

And worked in Partnership with

Chibrofam Partnership
Chibrofam Partnership
  • San Viator School – Spain
  • Zonguldak Technical & Industrial Vocational School – Turkey
  • 2nd School’s Laboratory Centre of Volos – Greece
  • Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce – Turkey
  • Blacksea Eregli District Directorate of Family and Social Politics – Turkey

And here in the UK 

The following organisations have provided opportunity for volunteering and work experience

Oxfam charity shop – Malvern

S Factors volunteers with Worcester Community Land Cooperative
S Factors volunteers with Worcester Community Land Cooperative

Blue Cross charity shop – Malvern

YMCA chaity shop – Malvern

Worcester Community Land Cooperative – Worcester

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust – Worcester

Wyre Community Land Trust (Lodge Hill Farm) – Wyre Forest

Wyre Community Land Trust (Uncllys Farm) – Wyre Forest

Freegle – Malvern