NEWS – Spring 2015

ring of leaves(CDT) Recruiting for Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Youth workers.

This Training Course focuses on the themes of Health (mental and emotional health) and European awareness. It will bring together 36 youth workers and youth organisations coordinating staff from across Europe. The aims are to promote high standards in youth projects by working collaboratively together to increase the knowledge and competences of youth workers, leaders and project coordinators/managers, developing guidelines to implement safe, quality projects.

(CDT) Recruiting for D.E.A.L. 2

This training course builds on a successful training course we ran in 2013. An international project learning to DEAL with our own personal development as well as that of our learners and fellow colleagues.

(CET) Partnership – ‘Community Works’

Organisations from the UK, Spain, Italy, Greece and France – Working within the Social Enterprise economy to develop a Portfolio of Competencies, training manual and virtual game.

Partnership – Social inclusion ‘out of a box’

A capacity building partnership of 13 partners promoting social inclusion through creativity videos, interactive blogs, virtual tools including a virtual game.

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