Testing! Testing! Testing!

A2 - Lorraine testing tools (1) As part of Social Inclusion Out of the Box! Capacity building project, Consililum was invited to test some of the educational tools, which our project partners use for their everyday work on social inclusion.

As such, we were assigned 3 different methods:

Little Cabin Camp – China

We are as we are and we complement – Ecuador

Automatic writing , part of Philtre – the Netherlands.

A2 - Lorraine testing tools (2)

All of these were tested by our trainer, Loraine Lockyer, during her recent training courses with teachers, youth workers and international volunteers. Although our working reality as well as target groups are not exactly the same as the ones of our partners, it was certainly interesting and refreshing to try out their methods and see how these work.

All methods shared as part of the project will become available in a few months in form of a virtual toolkit. Once published, we will surely share the link to the resource here.