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This is a very interesting project. An Erasmus+ funded partnership project.

Social Enterprise is usually referred to as Social Solidarity Economy (SSE). This reflects its grass roots appeal as an alternative response to the recent financial crisis, rising unemployment and social inequality that is more evident in some of the partner countries.

In many European Union Countries it has become synonymous with ‘citizens and civil society acting to influence their environment and promote social transformation’.

In the UK we are not as proactive. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE has become an established business model.

Social Action above profit is the defining theme of social enterprises within the UK and economic reform is seen only as part of this. It has not been a driving force, However some economic reform influenced by Social Action has happened as a result. The Public Services Value Act 2012 ensures that local government must consider ‘social value’ within its procurement of services. The Social Economy Alliance is a recent voice calling for further economic reform. It was actively lobbying political parties during the recent elections (Social Economy Alliance 2015).

Working with our partners in Greece, Spain, Italy and France we aim to identify common approaches and strategies to promote awareness, recognition, development and advocacy of Social Enterprise through the development of training resources.

AS a partnership we are:

Researching SSE in the different countries

Developing a portfolio of competencies

Developing training resources

Developing a Virtual Game – to encourage understanding of the impact of businesses on society and to promote a socially responsible attitude to business development

Showcasing the results of out endeavors in a final event to be held in France towards the end of 2016.