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First ADR Kit is a 2 year strategic partnership funded through ERASMUS+, involving organisations active in intercultural communication and youth participation from the UK, Norway, Estonia, Italy and Poland.

The aim of the Partnership is to create new non-formal educational tools to teach Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation, negotiation etc.) and introduce them to young people as a way to resolve their conflicts.

The Partnership has 3 main target groups: youth workers, young people and stakeholders including partner organisations, professional ADR institutions, educators and other organisations who may benefit from the project outcomes.

In October 2016 20 youth workers from the partner countries met in Worcester, in the UK and received 7 days’ intensive training in ADR, mediation and negotiation from lawyers from London and Krakow who train lawyers in these techniques, as well as from Berlin-based mediation expert Greg Bond. Non-formal education methods including workshops, role plays, games and other group activities were used to facilitate learning.

In March we met again in Pesaro, Italy to formulate 10 workshops to introduce young Anya Mission IMPASSablepeople to ADR techniques.  These workshops form part of a course but can also be delivered as ‘standalone’ sessions.   These workshops were created then trialled in Pesaro and are now being road-tested with target youth groups and young people.  In addition we created 4 brand new simulation games for introducing ADR and mediation with young people.  Workshops and games will be finalised and ready-to-go in the mid-term project evaluation meeting in June in Norway.

Finally, there are also intellectual outcomes from the project including research into ADR Education in the partner countries, an easy-to-use handbook on using ADR with young people and ongoing dissemination of information regarding the project.  These resources, including the workshops and games will be free resources available for anyone to use.

This is a fantastic project that I am very proud to be a part of and I am very grateful to Consilium Development and Training who invited me to join.  Working with people from across Europe with passion and a commitment to set goals and meet them – with the intention of making the world just that bit more of a better place – wow.