Youth Cabinet – testing the ADR workshops

On St George’s Day (23rd April), Lorraine Lockyer and Sean McDermott had the privilege to test drive some of our First ADR workshops with members of Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet.

The Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet (YCAB) is made up of 36 young people aged 11 – 19 from across Milton Keynes who work together to give a voice to all young people. They were a lovely bunch and engaged well in our workshops on Causes of Conflict and Impasse (Ideas on How to Overcome Blocks People Can Experience in Conflicts).

The feedback from participants was good and they said that it gave them some good ideas which they could use in their everyday lives when they come across conflicts between people. Thank you, Roz Mascarenhas, for letting us join your residential event and for being a wonderful host 🙂