Training & CME – Volunteering Opportunities

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Contact Making Seminar…. for Coordinators and Supervisors

20th – 26th June 2019 – Worcester UK

Training Course….

“Ensuring Quality in volunteering projects ” for Mentors

Date to finalised Sept/October 2019 – Thessaloniki Greece

The proposed project aims at developing the capacities of partner promoters (in particular: youth workers, volunteers coordinators, supervisors and mentors) in developing and ensuring greater quality within the European volunteering programs.

The focus here falls particularly on matters such as: promoting volunteering opportunities at the local and international level, developing strong and sustainable partnerships, volunteers’ management and mentoring, ensuring greater impact on the volunteering projects (both for the volunteers and the communities they work in).

To achieve the project aim and ensure its sustanable, long-term impact, “Volunteering Opportunities” proposal has been divided into two distinct stages. It is envisaged that these two stages will support both the organisation and the individuals in their practical implementation of the competences gained.

Objectives of the “Volunteering Opportunities” Project:

– To better understand the background, needs and challenges related to volunteering activities across the partnership

– To provide a meeting point for organizations to exchange information, develop cooperation and establish international partnerships for future cooperation

– To understand the concept of Volunteering Opportunities within the new European Solidarity Corps Programme

– To raise awareness of the learning dimension in volunteering projects and provide tools for learning support for the mentors and volunteers

– To strengthen the competences of coordinators and mentors (both professional and personal)

– To provide practical tools and best practices in the areas of volunteers management: volunteer recruitment and selection, creating volunteer job/ task description, mentoring and supporting volunteers, supervising (evaluating, addressing issues, motivating, etc.)

– To create an inclusive learning environment for the attendees to share their own best practice, inspire and motivate one another

– To improve the capacity of practical realization of voluntary projects in the frames of Erasmus+ and to provide up-to-date information about the programme.


All in all, we believe that by undertaking this journey towards quality project management we will not only learn how to come up with good ideas for successful voluntary placements, but will also develop effective strategies in turning these into actions, thus fulfilling the overall objectives of the ERASMUS+ Programme.