An Associate is an individual who is connected to Consilium through participation and contribution to the activities undertaken by Consilium and can be either voluntary or freelance (self-employed), or both. Activities can include: Trainer, Project Author (contributing to the writing of projects and their implementation), Project Support, Project Coordinator.

Consilium Associates:

Basia Ligas (Trainer, Project Author, Project Coordinator)

Filipe Roldao (Project Support)

Malgorzata Ligas (Project Support)

Olga Kyriakidou (Trainer, Project Author)

Dimitris Savvaidis (Trainer, Project Author)

Lillian Flyn (Trainer)

Leila Usmani (Trainer, Project Author)

Anya Cooke (Project Support)

Stephanie Lockyer (Project Support)

Jenna Lockyer (Project Support)

Victor Allen (Trainer)

Greg Bond (Trainer)

Giannis Texis (Trainer)

Sean McDermott (Trainer, Project Support)

Ufuk Bal (Trainer)

Marzena Ples (Trainer, Project Author)

Torben Grochall (Trainer, Project Author)

Deniss Jershov (Trainer, Project Author)

Desiree D’Amato (Trainer)

Lukasz Wojciech Kosowski (Trainer)

Joanna Radzicka (Project Support)

Pavel Vassiljev (Trainer)

Mariana Turcan (Trainer)

Giorgi Agirbaia (Trainer)

Marta Simoes (Trainer, Project Support)