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ACE Active Citizenship through my Eyes – Training

This training is due to take place in Birmingham at the end of November 2015.

It aims to empower youth leaders, activists, youth workers and other actors engaged in working with young people, thus equipping them with skills and tools on how to promote active citizenship among a larger number of young people in our home countries.

The very project idea comes from our realisation that the level of youth participation and active involvement at the local and/or regional level is still relatively low. This is true especially for the partner countries, where active citizenship and participation still remain blunt terms ‘under construction,’ rather than being effectively executed in form of initiatives leading to far reaching positive changes.

In turn, young people are the potential ‘accelerators’ of participation and are more likely than anyone else to motivate their peers to act. As such, with a little push and support from the youth workers, they are likely to drive others and engage them in changing of the society for better. Unfortunately, we do not see this in our communities and that is why we decided to organize the project addressing the topic.

In order to reach our aim, the following project objectives have been set:

* To develop the participants’ understanding of the key principles of youth participation and active citizenship.

* To provide space for participants from EU and non-EU (Partner) countries to meet and exchange ideas on active citizenship and related issues e.g. democracy, idring of leavesentity, participation, right and responsibilities, etc.

* To share best practices related to facilitation and development of active citizenship and participation projects (e.g. volunteering programmes, youth initiatives, etc.)

* To equip participants with skills, knowledge and help in developing the right attitudes necessary when undertaking projects with young people

* To increase the participants’ capacities for critical thinking with the aim of empowering individuals to take an active role in building of the civil society aware of its rights and obligations as imposed by the notion of citizenship

* To engage participants in preparation and implementation of future joint initiatives within the subject matters discussed.

* To create the network and partnership of organisations that are willing to work together on future projects around citizenship and active youth participation

We wish to stress here that through the training course, we would like to prepare active citizens in international atmosphere, discuss different aspects of international voluntary projects and activities and their preparation, international cooperation among organizations, leadership and other issues related to leading of an international and local youth project. Hence, among the main ideas here is to give the proper space to participants from EU and non-EU countries for self-development and gaining new skills and knowledge in leadership, active citizenship and related topics. In order to reach our desirable impact we will use various kinds of activities and methods that will help them to increase their abilities and gain new skills, to be more confident.

What is more, the training course will gather not only the European Union countries but also fellow partner promoters from EEAC, SEE and Med countries. This fact increases the opportunities of learning from very different experiences as well as disseminating the results much further. Also, creation of a wide international partnership will certainly help in improving the cooperation among different organizations involved. We feel that relationships with non-EU countries need to be developed and improved year by year. Consequently, we hope that our project will not only allow to increase capacities of the youth workers themselves, but will exert positive influence over the young people at the local level.