Train – Bushcraft DNA

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This Training course has finished

Bushcraft DNA – Developing non-formal activities in nature

Training taking place in June 2016

Wyre Forest – UK 

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Through this training we aim to explore the ways in which natural environment can be used as an effective tool for youth workers to engage with their young people. As with previous trainings, this Training will be a mix of theory and PRACTICAL HANDS ON EXPERIENCE in order to meet our objectives:

Bushcraft 3 – equipping participants with background knowledge and theory behind outdoor learning (for example the development of ‘Forest School’ in an informal context both in the UK and Scandinavia),

– exploring the practicalities such as health and safety issues involved in running outdoor activities and residential youth camps

– discussing the issues around inclusion when planning and delivering outdoor activities

– developing practical competences related to implementing non-formal outdoor and sports activities in nature (including relevant knowledge, practical skills, delivery skills and confidence)Bushcraft 1

– facilitating networking and exploring the opportunities presented by the Erasmus+ as a means of promoting healthy lifestyles and well-being.

All in all, we wish to promote the use of bush craft and outdoor education activities as the valuable supplement of any educational approaches and providing attractive alternatives to children and young people in regards to their free time. As such, the proposal meets the Erasmus+ Programme objectives by:

– providing opportunity to develop new competences, valuable in both day-to-day life and in the job market (outdoor education is not all about running around the foreBushcraft 2st and picking flowers; it is most of the time collective effort based on communicate, exchange of information, teamwork, etc.)

– promoting well-being and healthy lifestyles

– encouraging cooperation of youth organisations at the international level with the view to developing new and innovative way of engaging young people in learning, etc.

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