Train – CME Contact Making Event

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CME Contacting Making Event – ‘Lets Get Them Working’

This Contact making Event is taking place in Birmingham at the beginning of December 2015.

As keen advocates of the previous Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning Programmes as well as the current Erasmus+ Programme, we strongly believe that involving young people in transnational projects is one of the tools in dealing with the possible consequence of unemployment. Though majority of the projects offered around Europe do not create jobs themselves, precious learning gained when attending or helping to organise an activity leads to invaluable experiences. We have already seen the outcomes of that with hundreds of young people boosting their self-esteem, becoming more motivated to undertake challenges, developing resilience and even setting up their own entrepreneurial ventures (e.g. projects, start-ups, etc.).

With regards to the above, however, it is important to remember that not all projects are successful and exert positive change. Much too often do we see EVS volunteers disappointed with their placements, youth exchange participants being on holidays rather than on the learning journey or even youth workers attending training and complaining of the mismatched expectations and hence time wasted when at the course.

Concerned about the quality of the European youth projects and yet still positively encouraged by the feedback received from attendees of the previous international activities, we decided to address the issues by holding a contact making event (CME). As such, the partners strongly believe that by coming together, developing stronger links (both personal and professional) as well as by jointly planning our future steps, we are in much better position to ensure needs-based, timely and high quality implementation of youth projects. Similarly, realizing that focusing on too many issues is rather pointless and rarely leads to real outcomes, we decided to focus on the topics of creativity and entrepreneurship as the tools, means and methods in addressing youth unemployment.


The proposed CME is aimed at bringing together stakeholders interested in developing networks and joint future projects with the view to addressing issues of youth unemployment. We wish to achieve the aim by means of:

– discussing the topic of youth unemployment around Europe so as to understand its short and long term negative effects on young people

– exploring the themes of creativity and entrepreneurship in the context of combating youth unemployment

– facilitating networking between partner organisations engaged in the project so as to create stronger and trust-based bonds for the future

– exchanging best practices in the fields of youth employability and supporting the development of employability skills

– developing capacities to prepare and implement high-quality, sustainable youth projects with long lasting impact

– promoting and facilitating the use of the local and international funds (e.g. Erasmus+) in supporting young people’s development

– developing ideas and strategies for the future joint projects to be carried out by the partner promoters.