Train – Emotional Intelligence and Youthwork

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Emotional Intelligence & Youthwork

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This training took place in Worcester in June 2015.

Its aim was to increase capacities in both preparation and implementation of quality youth projects through developing practical skills and techniques for managing and developing the emotional intelligence techniques.

The objectives of the project were to:

2015-06-08 12.21.42Enable participants to become more effective communicators

Training participants to understand themselves and others better

Providing conflict management tools and an understanding of how conflict develops

Sharing tools facilitating the design of intercultural learning and communication across intercultural barriers

Promoting new partnerships among participants

Boosting participant’s confidence in organising youth projects and working with challenging behaviour

Encouraging them to become more inclusive in recruitment and preparation methods

The training was a mix of non-formal education tools (individual, pair and group work, discussions, simulations, brainstorming, etc). Participants had the opportunity to Gain first-hand experience in the theory and practice; to share an analyse non EI practices within their own organisations/experience; develop EI competencies in self-reflection, self-regulation and motivation as well as empathy and social skills; to understand what makes an effective team and how to engage leaders and to consider their own personal and professional development.