Building Resilience for Youth Employability Programme

On 2-9 July 2017, Consilium Development and Training hosted the ERASMUS+ Youth Workers Mobility: ‘Building Resilience for Youth Employability Programme.’ The Training Course took place in Worcester and was implemented jointly with the partnership of 13 organisations from across the Programme Countries.

Over the 6 working days of the course, 33 participants and staff members (trainers, youth workers, mentors, facilitators, members of the partner organisations, etc.) went through and intensive learning process aimed at developing the capacities of youth work practitioners in using coaching as an effective guidance, motivation and empowerment tool. By discovering the basic knowledge and skills in coaching, participants gained better understanding on how to help young people and support them towards building their resilience, especially for the job market. This was achieved by means of successively fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Assessing and reviewing the key youth employability issues around Europe today so as to better understand the need for a different approach of guidance and support being provided to young people accessing the jobs market.
  • Equipping youth work practitioners with a set of psychological coaching tools that will directly be applied within career coaching, the empowerment of young people and in the building of their resilience.
  • Supporting Youth Workers to directly assess the well-being of young people in order to appropriately apply the tools to their personal and professional development.
  • Exchanging additional tools and best practices that the course participants will share with each other within the programme.
  • Supporting participants to take the learning forward beyond the programme through acting as multipliers of learning, cascading the knowledge they have gained to their organisation in their home countries and throughout other professionals in the field.
  • Facilitating networking opportunities between partner promoters and the development of strategies for the future joint projects aimed at youth guidance and support (especially those to be implemented within ERASMUS+).

The mobility was implemented with the use of highly participatory non-formal education methods. It also saw the implementation of the e-learning system, used especially as a preparation tool ahead of the course (

Overall, the course allowed to achieve great outcomes, including:

  • having staff/volunteers/associates of the partner organisations trained within the topics of coaching, personal development, youth empowerment, mentoring, etc.
  • strengthened cooperation with the existing partners (many of the organisations involved had already had the chance to work together in the past)
  • networking with new members of the consortium
  • improved understanding of the ERAMSUS+ Programme and how the grants can be used to support further initiatives.

Also, we have developed a few tangible outcomes which we are very proud of:

– An e-learning platform

Toolbox with 15 tools/methods for the use in coaching/mentoring/supporting personal development

– Post course survey measuring the impact of the project. Here are some impressions of our participants gathered in the survey:


Q 1: Did the training course meet your personal expectations? If yes, please explain why/why not?

I expected to get knowledge and also tools how to start coaching young people and I got both, the knowledge and also further literature to read and also tools I used at the TC so I have the confidence to use them with students.

A thoroughly enjoyable week with interesting course content and useful tools which I can implement in my work.

It exceed my expectations in every way.

– It was simply perfect! the tools, the trainers, the place, the accommodation, everything!

I loved that it was not only theory but also big practice part

 – I could learn so many things because of the others and of course the perfect trainers.

This TC helped me to learn different strategies on how to support young people in development of their resilience.

 – I would like to find and bring back to home some practical tools and activities and the training was really rich in this. I really appreciate this.

 I was expecting to receive a well prepared training course about coaching as an effective guidance ,motivation and empowerment tool in building young people’s resilience, especially for the job market. And the training course met my expectations. The participants were also generally very open to share their experiences, feelings and opinions. 

I can happily say that this training course was the best project in which I’ve been for many reasons that I resume:
* quality of the Content: what is coaching, non-formal methods and tools to experiment on the Group and feel  the psychological effect that these methods bring and use effectively once come back home with Youth; sharing best-practices, methods;
* quality of the Trainers and Organisers: everything was managed and organised so well that I could feel it during all the activity experience, during the activities and in the free time, for everything I received support help explanation and extra smile and motivation. I could feel passion and professional together.

 Yes, the project met my personal expectation since as a youth worker I have developed my capacity in using coaching as an effective motivation in building young people resilience. It also has also helped me a lot to shape my future goals.

This training was very useful for young people to determine their goals, how to reach their goals and to inform us and apply them. In addition, our own goals and the obstacles in our goals have contributed to what we should do and to work with these problems.

 – The organisers opened a large base for us. We have a lot of materials for teaching now.

 I learned a lot of new things which I would like use in work with my students.

Q 2: Which new competences did you gain related to the topic?

– Confidence, coaching skills, English and communication skills, group leading, presentation skills.

– More coaching tools, more ways of building emotional resilience.

– Career motivation

– To make a realistic plan to reach a goal, to fight for my dreams…

– English language, cultural awareness, and creativity.

– I learnt some methods about coaching, some activities about communication, team building and psychology.

– I enjoyed learning about different tools that I can use in the future while coaching.

– I gained coaching competences, reading body language, listening efficiently.

– Organisational skills, effective communication, building creative and innovative ideas

– I improved my intercultural skills, working as a team, active listening, creative writing skills

– I had the chance to practice self-assessment (learning to learn)

– Networking with other participants and maybe initiating some collaboration

– I learnt how to help young people to find themselves

– I have the knowledge about the methods I can take to get the necessary precautions to make counselling or coaching for young people and to reach their goals. I have worked on the priorities, goals and competences of barriers and solution methods in order to reach these goals in my life.

– I learned to communicate more safer with young people in other countries, I understood the meaning of coaching, its possibilities of application.

– I learnt how to make a plan for a future and how to grow myself

– Asking proper coaching questions.

– This TC helped me to learn different strategies on how to support young people in development of their resilience.

– I expected to get knowledge and also tools how to start coaching young people and I got both, the knowledge and also further literature to read and also tools I used at the TC so I have the confidence to use them with students.


Q 3: What did you learn on a personal level about yourself, other people, or other cultures?

Demonstrating resilience increases youths’ self esteem because they are able to see evidence of their ability to face challenges and to make productive decisions about addressing challenges, including when and how to seek help  and to think about and be accountable for their actions and the consequences of their actions.

Even though I have been studying psychology for many years, I never had the confidence to start a coaching session or a group. Now I feel prepared and ready to start. That is the most important for me now. I also met open and inspiring people, whom I know now really deep thanks to the concept of the TC and the trainers. I know, who to ask if I need guidance.

I learned a lot about the other participants and their work. I made some very good contacts and potential partners. I had a lot of opportunity for self reflection about my own work. I have already looked into how to becoming an accredited EVS organisation.

It raised my self awareness and sensitivity among others. It helped me in my personal life and gave me tools to spread the messages. 

– It helped me to understand better what are my personal goals, what i want to realise in my life.

The exchange between the participants was always encouraged, and we really had the possibilities to help each other to understand how to motivate youth.

Personal knowledge referred to search for goals that are related to my values, also how to ask others questions to help them realize what they want to achieve… And I met people from countries which I never met before, which was really interesting.

I learned that don’t be so shy, how to be a good mentor for somebody who needs a little attention, how to give good advices and how to ask the right questions who needs an answer.

The training course has increase my capacities on how to build our resilience and how to support young people in building their resilience.

– I gained more self confidence and self awareness, this aspect i think that’s really important when you work with other people. I learnt a lot from the others cultures, experiences and professional aspects.

– I loved learning about different types of intelligence and different types of people.

I learnt more about the participating country’s cultures: Italy,Macedonia,Spain,Slovakia.... We had time to exchange at the coffee breaks, meals and culture night.

I learnt that with my smile I can make people so happy! That I’m a very positive person; that I can support and motivate people around me with empathy sensibility and understanding.

I learnt that I always have to feel self-confident and don’t be shy in some conditions, expressing my feelings and sharing them with other people.

I really really loved the Gratitude exercise and the thinking traps exercises. I reflected a lot on that. Sometimes over-thinking creates stupid blocks and during workshops we identified that. Now I’m aware and I recognize what blocks me sometimes !

I learnt that I have to Always be myself and shine! I re-discovered new attitudes and skills I didnt give them space in this last years like dancing and painting. This workshops had great impact on me and for sure they will have the same great impact on Young people.

Sure my English is much more improved, I also have learned so much about the British culture and way of leaving.

I have learned a lot about other European culture so I feel more European than before

I learned different tools I can apply on me or the students. i got good overview on proper coaching.

Although some of the different cultures struggle at the same time, I can change our problems or goals, but we have tried solutions and methods together. All my trainers are very friendly and open to communication; Group work and everyone was trying to help each other. We had the opportunity to recognize the dishes, traditions and cultural values of different cultures.

I added my English skills, got real materials to work with people, assume that the world is so different.

– I learned a lot of methods , how work , what questions needs for coached.

I learned new methods and models like GROW or STAR about coaching, how to be coach, how to listen to people, how to observe people, how to ask good questions, talk about my feeling, my values, how to find good solution, how looks my path way, what can i do the best in my life and what I don’t like.